Details revealed about suspect in Friday's carjacking-turned-crash

Brittany Costello
October 21, 2017 10:24 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – A crazed demon – that's how one witness described the suspect involved in a carjacking near the intersection of Comanche and San Mateo Friday afternoon.


That suspect has an extensive violent criminal history. Murder and aggravated battery are just a few of the charges 26-year-old Francisco Gonzales has been accused of in the past.

In the latest incident, police say Gonzales forced a woman from her car, crashed it and injured another person.

All that happened in the middle of the afternoon while dozens of people waited at the busy intersection.

“A couple guys tried to jack this gal,” said Joe, who was a witness at that intersection. He shared his experience on the “Joe Show” posted on YouTube.  “I don't really know what happened when I pulled up.”

When Gonzales got in the vehicle to drive off, he allegedly crashed into a black Isuzu, injuring the driver.

“People started going to the vehicle to help the people because it was a tremendous accident but I, knowing what the heck was going on, screamed, ‘Don't go near the vehicle; man with a gun,’” Joe said.

Joe said he was also armed, and prepared. After the crash, Gonzales allegedly went vehicle to vehicle trying to get another.

“He gets out and comes up to my truck door, (which was) locked because I’m an aware citizen, and starts slamming on my window,” said Joe in his show. “I cannot believe it didn’t break at that point. The 45 came out and I pointed it right at him and I said, ‘Back the (expletive) up, dude.’”

He said his weapon scared Gonzales off.

“This guy was an animal man. When he came up to my window he was just wham, wham, wham; screaming and yelling like a freaking demon,” Joe said.

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According to court documents, police said Gonzales ran off and tried to break into a nearby home belonging to Kenneth Miller.

“My wife was scared that somebody was kicking my door down,” Miller said.

Then he allegedly ran to the back yard of someone else's home before cops arrived and arrested him, wheeling him out on a stretcher with a gash below his eye.

“Cops got there, thank God, because I swear to God I thought somebody was going to die,” Joe said.

Gonzales was in court Saturday morning. The state has filed a motion for preventative detention, so Gonzales will stay behind bars until the motion is heard by a district court judge.


Brittany Costello

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