Upgraded security cameras to ensure safety at Lobo games

Joy Wang
September 08, 2017 06:55 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Thousands of New Mexicans are expected to pack Dreamstyle Stadium for the big Lobo-Aggie game on Saturday, and UNM has taken steps to make sure the fans stay safe.


There are already security cameras, but UNM is in the process of adding even more with better technology to make sure the crowds don't get out of control

UNM police are taking to make sure everyone who goes stays safe. It's all hands on deck plus there will be extra staffing from other local police departments. Every officer with UNM police will be working this weekend.

 "Safety is a big issue," said UNM student Melissa Frank. "So we want to make sure that everyone's safe, so I understand why they’re doing that. It might take away from the fun aspect, but I think it's for the best overall."

There will also be new video technology. The UNM Police Department says it has been going through training on the new software. The new system will allow them to zoom in on the crowds to help them see more of what's going on in the stands.

They're still in the process of upgrading that technology.

 "I can definitely see how some people are going to be like it's an invasion of privacy but I think that's ok as long as they're looking out for others,” student Jordan Melendez said. “I mean it really depends on what they’re going to do with that footage to begin with.”

For now, they're focused on having a good time without getting in any trouble. 

"The state's like our biggest rival," Melendez said. "I've got a lot of friends down there so we've been talking a lot of trash for weeks so it'll be nice to see all of them." 

"I've never felt unsafe in the past," added another student, Courtney Buck. "So I don't really mind the increase in security. I just go and have fun. Watch the games here.”


Joy Wang

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