How to watch HDTV for free

You can receive KOB 4 and many other HDTV channels for free via an over-the-air broadcast antenna, and the signals can often be higher quality than with cable or satellite.


In central New Mexico, most TV broadcast towers are located on Sandia Crest.  If you can see the mountain top clearly, you likely have access to crystal-clear HDTV signals. 

You may be able to use a simple and inexpensive indoor antenna, which can be picked up at most hardware stores or electronics stores.  Signal strength may depend on walls, buildings or trees between the antenna and the TV towers.  Just plug the antenna into your TV, scan for channels, and enjoy the HDTV.

If TV signals indoors aren't strong enough, you may consider a rooftop antenna.  Just make sure your antenna is pointed at the broadcast towers -- ideally without buildings or trees obstructing the view.

You can check which TV signals are available for your specific address and get advice on outdoor antennas to consider by visiting


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