Bloomfield police look to ban repeat offenders in public spaces

Meg Hilling
September 27, 2017 05:50 PM

BLOOMFIELD, N.M. -- Like rainy weather that just won't quit, some criminals won't stop committing crimes in public spaces.


Tired of receiving call after call -- often times about the same people but in different locations -- the Bloomfield Police Department decided to propose a change to a city ordinance.

"We'd had several complaints before about people being in the parks and panhandling for money and exposing themselves in the park," Bloomfield Police Department Lt. Randon Matthews said.

If caught doing criminal activities in a public space, one could be barred from places for up to a year.

"It's going to eliminate a lot of calls that we have for the same person," Matthews said. "So we will be able to serve the rest of the community better."

The city manager is on board with the ordinance change.

"By allowing the officers to just trespass an individual once, that gives them more time to be out patrolling in the community, and dealing with other issues," Bloomfield City Manager Eric Strahl said.

It's not only parks where criminals can be banned from. Places like gas stations can be included, too.

"We know we can be doing something else, or you know, maybe there is a worse crime somewhere that is being committed that we are taking ourselves out of the picture on that one because we are having deal with the same person for the fourth or fifth time in that same day," Matthews said.


Meg Hilling

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