Colorado DOT looking for snowplow operators

Meg Hilling
September 20, 2017 06:57 PM

DURANGO, Colo. -- Fall begins in a couple of days, but the Colorado Department of Transportation is already gearing up for winter. They're looking for a few good people to drive plows and help clear roads. 


CDOT wants to hire more than 100 snowplow drivers and road maintenance workers this winter season. Five of those hires will be in the Durango area.

"That is a typical temporary position that lasts about 6 months. Typically we try to get them on November 1st. They'll be done around April 1st," CDOT employee Billy McDermott said.

So what does it take to be a snowplow operator?

"Very, very calm. You can't get hot-headed with traffic. You know people, you're in their way," operator Robert Peterson said. "There's time that it is stressful and times that it is not."

"We get into a lot of situations where it gets ugly and we are working, you know, we can work up to 28, 30, 90 days straight, you know?" McDermott added. "So you've got to have that stamina to last and do what we do."

Despite how comfortable you may feel driving in snow, CDOT says anybody taking this job must sit through a couple hours of training in the cab before they are let out on the roads.

"We do an eight-hour refresher for our veterans, then you'll do an eight-hour ride along," McDermott said. "For the new hires that have never been in plow truck, we also do an additional 32 hours either in the cab or in the cab driving."

Even if you aren't interested in driving a plow, you can still help this winter by practicing safe driving.

"Give the plow trucks room. Don't pass us on the right," Peterson said. "Let us do our jobs so you can get home safely."


Meg Hilling

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