Scorecard ranks lawmaker attendance during legislative session


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.-- In less than two weeks, lawmakers from all over the state will head to Santa Fe for the legislative session.

A new annual scorecard based on the 2019 legislative session is tracking state lawmakers' attendance.

Rhiannon Samuel is the executive director of Viante New Mexico, a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization working to inform our state's voters.

Viante released a yearly scorecard ranking state representatives and senators on their voting attendance during the legislative session.

'Overall legislators did great,' Samuel said. 'There was a 90% average score for attendance.'

Viante also chose 15 common ground bills identified as important for moving the state forward and looked at which legislators voted for them.

'So we take both those 15 bills, how they voted on it, if they sponsored it and how much they showed up, to come up with a single score to simply show who showed up and who's working together,' Samuel said.

Samuel says voters can use the scorecard to make informed decisions next time they cast their ballot.

'What we're trying to illustrate here is there are things on the table here that we can work together on that would fix our problems,' Samuel said.'You can just simply look at it and know if your legislator is helping New Mexico or hurting it.'

For more information about Viante and how you can become a member, click here.